Welcome to CHERENE at WETRICEdotCOM and thank you for visiting! It has been awhile since I have posted anything new. Ever since I got into my senior year in college, I did not really have any time to doodle much because I took down lots of notes in all my classes. Blehhh. But now I work and I have lots of idle time to doodle and brainstorm new ideas! Isn't that great?!?

I am so happy to have new people and old fans stopping by. This is the new home of my old webcomic as well as my new one that I am hoping to get started on really soon. And it is all thanks to Andrew for offering me the webspace.

One quick note: I have graduated from Internet Explorer and now use mostly Firefox. I ditched all that flashy neon effects, scrollbars, and non-default cursors. Too unpro of me. Hehe. Have a nice day! :)