Name: Cherene
AKA: Cookie, Rei Rey
Favorite Color: Red, pink, beige, black
Hobbies: Looking at weird things, thinking too hard, and being random
Birthday: October 14
First Appeared: Cherene #1

Name: Cha
AKA: Xia, Babylub
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobbies: Eating ice cream, supporting her sister (Cherene)
Birthday: January 14
First Appeared: Cherene #1

Name: Lamby
AKA: Junior, Jun Jun, Eljay, Lamberto
Favorite Color: Blue, baby blue
Hobbies: Playing tennis, dancing, reading manga
Birthday: October 28
First Appeared: Cherene #3

Name: Bobbie
AKA: Kipps, Robert, El Capitan, Butthead
Favorite Color: Blue, black
Hobbies: Making videos, serving ice cream, and drawing Tie Fighters that look like satellites
Birthday: October 22
First Appeared: Cherene #6

Name: Joe
AKA: Shadow, Joselle, Joey
Favorite Color: Pink, baby blue
Hobbies: Following Cha around and cleaning
Birthday: July 25
First Appeared: Cherene #9

Name: Neil
AKA: Puppy, Muse :)
Favorite Color: Grey, black, white
Hobbies: Working on computers, playing World of Warcraft, and playing basketball
Birthday: October 5
First Appeared: Cherene #12

Name: Arla
AKA: Arlala
Favorite Color: Purple
Hobbies: Watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, eating excessive amounts of ketchup, and using a remote control to turn on fans
Birthday: November 11
First Appeared: Room 311