My name is Cherene Reyes I was born in the Philippines and raised in the States, I am the kind of girl who likes to be spontaneous and who likes to leave herself open to new possibilities as well as hold on and look back on my roots and culture. I have a love for Asian foods and dishes, hot humid weather, shiny black hair, and the appeal of anime and manga.

I am a college graduate from the University of Washington with a BS in mathematics and a minor in statistics. I have spent most of my career as a tutor in mathematics working with peers, grade school students, and college student athletes. I received many awards due to my knowledge in the field, and so the main question is: "Where did this artistic talent come from?" Haha, artistic is such a strong word for what I do. I guess it all just started by habit.

Are math classes really that much fun to take every quarter? Every year? Maybe in elementary school . . . when we used to play those super cool math games. But that doesn't happen anymore. Nowadays, people learn math either by reading a book or taking notes from a class. I do both, and during my idle time, you'd be able to find tons of doodles on the margins of my notes. Or more like, my notes are on the margins while my doodles are all over the place.

Back when I was in seventh grade, I was first introduced to anime cartoon Sailor Moon. I thought she was so cool, and one day, I met a girl who came from Japan and she was talking about how there are so many cartoons like that from where she came from, and she would draw all these nice pictures. She had a knack for the anime/manga style, and I have to honestly say that it never rubbed off on me. I attempted to make my own comic called Crystal Eternalists, which I never grew satisfied of. I kept trying to master the style, but there was just so much to pick up when it came to the art. Different angles, perspectives, views, coloring in pictures, materials, mediums, shading, lighting, themes, schemes, storyline. It was ridiculously hard and I never managed to get past three or four pages before I quit. I guess back then, I was aiming way too high, way too fast.

By the end of junior high, I managed to tone myself down a bit and forget about the whole idea of coming up with consistent characters, style, and stories, and just decided to go back to random doodling. I decided that maybe I should just learn how to draw first before I attempt to do anything higher than that. Hands and body proportions were very difficult for me. It seemed like the best I could pull off were chibi characters because their bodies could be as small as you want and their heads could be as huge as ever. And I just went from there. I also did a bit of tagging, which I was quite successful in . . . people would request that I tag their names on their backpacks and on notecards which they would slip into their see-through binders. Eventually, I was steered into web design . . . and eventually became obsessed with making layouts, working with HTML and CSS.

One day, I decided that instead of pulling images off the web to use for my layouts, I decided to draw something that was weird, yet cute. In which, I came up with Cookie, the main character to the Cherene comics as well as the spin-off, Sporadic Cookies. It was such a hit, that I decided to just make more of her and now here I am . . . barely living on, yet still alive.

Anyway, thank you for hearing my story and I hope you enjoy the rest of this site!