The Cherene comics are based off of my own life experiences or more like re-creations of some of my experiences. Sometimes there are people involved and sometimes you learn a little more than you need to know about me. But mainly, the comic is just about little Cookie and her interactions with her surroundings and friends. It is sometimes awkward, amusing, blunt, impulsive, spontaneous, the list goes on . . . There really is no plot for this comic. Just continuous going-on's in the lives of tiny clotheless people. Why do I make them clotheless? Because I can . . . and it became my new art style. It is kind of what makes it funny. Occasionally they will be clothed, but that is not my preference. I'd like to say that I drew my characters naked because they evoke a sense of human nature, which is something that I want the readers to get across as well. Although they may act kind of eccentric, they can, with no doubt, be as normal as you, or you, OR YOU! Sporatic Cookies is like the revival of the Cherene comics. Now, that I have graduated from college and just go to work for 7.5 hours a day, I think I can manage some time to stay consistent with my work. But since there is such a huge gap from the last time I posted a comic, I decided to have Cherene retire, and to have its successor take its place. It will be like my comic has drank from the Fountain of Youth! And in a way, it has. The same characters have returned, but there will be some changes. My dreams for this site is to include more color and effort in these new comics. I know I just started over again, but I really want to get this thing going and putting smiles on people's faces! So please, my equals, enjoy your leisurely light reading.